1. Modules


    The daily portion of outdoor fun becomes even more exciting in your own backyard. To create ultimate outdoor fun, a module can be added and your Jungle Gym will be expanded easily. Build a swing on the climbing frame, add the Mini Picnic module or go for even more climbing fun; build a climbing wall on one of the towers. Stylish and safe outside fun in your own garden.

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  2. Climbing Frames & Playhouses

    Climbing Frames & Playhouses

    With Jungle Gym you will build a quality playset that brings outdoor fun for many many years. All our playsets are expandable and can be customized with the addition of a wide variety of modules and accessories. There are towers for every taste, available space and budget, a huge selection! You can always decide to expand later so the playset can grow just as your child grows. The outdoor playsets come with enjoyable extras such as a Jungle Flag and Jungling Cards to invite your friends over to play. Also, lots of towers already include wonderful fun accessories, such as the steering wheel, talking tube, climbing rope, picnic-table, fun phone and staroscope.

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  3. Inspection and maintenance

    Inspection and maintenance
    For the safety of the children, the Jungle Gym must of course be thoroughly inspected after assembly and before use. Inspect the playset subjected to the safety inspections as mentioned below once at the beginning of each season and further twice monthly during the season. If the maintenance checks are not carried out regularly the playground equipment may fall over or otherwise be hazardous.
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  4. General safety instructions

    General safety instructions

    Jungle Gym® kits contain specially developed hardware. This material is designed with great care and with the safety of your children as a first matter of importance. The hardware has no sharp angles or protruding parts and is protected against all kinds of weather. All the parts in the kits are designed according to the EN 71-1,-2,-3, -8 & -9 (European Safety Standard) for domestic use, on the condition that the playground equipment is assembled and used properly in accordance with the manual. Do not deviate from these plans or alter the design.

    Warnings. Only for domestic use. Only for outdoor use. Maximum user weight is 50 Kg. Not suitable for children under three years. Suitable for children from three to ten years. This product is intended only for domestic use. Usage in a public setting such as a park, playground or school is a misuse of the product and may result in premature wear and also serious injury.

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  5. Checklist: how to create a GREAT outdoor play area

    Checklist: how to create a GREAT outdoor play area

    A great playground will attract more customers, especially when your target group is parents with children, you want them to stay as long as possible and spend more during their stay. Providing an outdoor play area can help to keep your clients longer; while the children have the time of their life playing the parents have time to pleasantly enjoy another round of drinks or book more nights to stay in your establishment. Tips & tricks to take in consideration when investing in a playground for you business are explained in this blog.

    Climbing frames MUST have a good slide

    A good slide is essential in any climbing frame. Kids seem to never get enough of the thrill, the speed, the wind in their hair, at least 10 times in a row. Hy-Land offers two strong slide options, both ca. 3 meter long and at the perfect angle to slide fast, but not too fast. Each Hy-land climbing frame comes with a Hy-Slide green polyethylene or stainless steel. Suitable and fun for k

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  6. Hy-land at The Garden Trade Fair: Spoga Gafa 2016

    Hy-land at The Garden Trade Fair: Spoga Gafa 2016

    In the last few days the international Garden Trade Fair ‘Spoga Gafa’ took place in Cologne, Germany. The Spoga Gafa is the most important and annual garden exhibition where both Hy-land and Jungle Gym are represented with their stands. Over 2,000 attendees from around 60 countries around the world present their garden related brands to almost 40,000 international trade visitors.

    De Spoga Gafa

    This international business to business fair was not only a good opportunity to meet with contacts and talk to our existing distributors and retailers. It has also been the place-to-be for new and unique ideas, inspiring networking, new connections and fresh unknown business. We were visited by so many garden play enthusiast

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  7. 6 Reasons why parents will take their kids to your Commercial Playground

    6 Reasons why parents will take their kids to your Commercial Playground

    If you have doubts purchasing a swing set or climbing frame for your business? Here’s how a simple investment can create more sales for restaurants, hotels, stores, showrooms, sport clubs, campsites etc. Parents love to see their kids playing around in a safe and sound outdoor play area. The Hy-land product range is developed especially for small and mid-size businesses targeting families, with a surprisingly affordable range with relatively low depreciation and maintenance costs.

    1. Social benefits

    When parents and kids come together in a commercial playground, it’s a social happening. Kids playing together, making new friends while parents relax, talk, laugh and watch over the kids in the meantime. Where for example a trampoline fits only 1 or 2 kids at a time, a Hy-land climbing frame entertains up to 14 kids at the same time. Think about large companies like IKEA and McDonald's, who already benefit significant

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  8. Project P vs. Project Q climbing frames: the differences explained!

    Project P vs. Project Q climbing frames: the differences explained!

    Hy-land professional playground equipment offers a broad range of outdoor play equipment. P-series and Q-series are Hy-lands two product lines, both with their own unique outdoor play equipment qualities. What are the common characteristics among these climbing frames and what are the differences? What are the specifics of the P-series and what are the specifics of the Q-series? In this blog we discuss these questions related to the two Hy-land outdoor play equipment series.

    Common characteristics

    Hy-land P-series and Q-series are affordable professional climbing frames for business owners and have been tested and awarded with the GS EN 1176 certificati

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  9. Spoga Gafa International Garden Trade Fair 2015

    Spoga Gafa International Garden Trade Fair 2015

    Last week the annual Spoga Gafa fair took place. This international garden trade exhibition always takes place in de Koelnmesse in Cologne. Both Hy-land and 'Jungle Gym' were represented with their own stands.

    Last week Thursday, a group of eight started building the two stands. Within 2.5 days the whole was set-up, perfectly in time for the start of the fair on Sunday. In the stand models P5 en Q2 were erected accompanied with the impressive Swing Nest to show potential dealers how the professional climbing frames look and feel.

    The Swing nest looked very inviting to a lot of visitors, but unfortunately it was not possible to it try out as the set was not securely anchored. Many visitors showed their interest in Hy-land and we will be in touch w

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  10. 7 Reasons why to choose for Hy-land Commercial Playground Equipment

    7 Reasons why to choose for Hy-land Commercial Playground Equipment

    All play equipment for public places must be certified according to the EN-1176 standard. Hy-land is the professional manufacturer of playground equipment that meets this standard. Hy-land is very affordable and provides the performance needs required by children. In this blog we discuss why Hy-land performs best based on the purchase decision factors that are important when choosing for commercial playground equipment.

    1. Hy-land is fun for all children between 3-12 years

    Hy-land offers a wide range of different play elements. This contributes to the fact that Hy-land's wooden playground equipment is so much appreciated by both toddlers and older children. Young or old, they all run, hide, slide and climb hour after hour.

    2. Hy-land fits any outdoor space

    Smaller or larger outdoor space, Hy-land provides playground equipment that suits perfectly. The most compact playground P1

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